How to Buy Electric Shavers Online?


Electric shavers can help both men and women to keep their bodies free of excess hair, and to maintain a clean and neat appearance for work and special occasions. They’re also chosen more often than safety razors as they don’t cause the nicks, cuts, itchiness, or discomfort that real blades can.

Whether you’re looking to replace an older model of electric razor that doesn’t work well, or you want to scrap your old safety razor, you need to find the best electric shaver online.

This buying guide will help you narrow down your many buying options so that you can find the best shaver to suit your shaving needs.

Today, most electric shavers are cordless and rechargeable. If that’s not what you want, there are still manufacturers with a few models that run with a cord. There are also some shavers that run on batteries, which can be helpful if you’re travelling and don’t want to pack cords and plug adaptors. These models are also helpful to have if you’re camping or staying somewhere where there is no power outlet.

Your next choice is going to be whether you want a wet and dry model of electric shaver. According to the best electric shaver magazine most shavers on the market today are going to be cordless and waterproof, but it’s important to read your product descriptions in case it’s a cheaper model of shaver that can’t be used wet.

If you do choose a wet and dry model, some are merely water-resistant, while others are waterproof to several metres. Unless you use them in a bathtub full of water, water-resistant should suffice for most people.

Once you’ve narrowed down your list to these options, you still have two big choices: foil or rotary. A foil shaver has a rectangular foil surface that you move across your face, while the rotary-style shaver has two or three sets of circular cutters that work together to shave your face.

Despite choosing foil or rotary, the cutting principle is the same. Beneath the surface are cutters that move at a rapid pace. They will catch your hair and snip it off. The second or third set of cutters will remove what the first set missed.

Once you have these options worked out, your electric razor search begins. If you’re shopping online, you may be checking on Amazon for the best electric shavers online. Simply enter in some basic search parameters that include what you want in a shaver. For instance: “men’s electric wet dry shaver foil”. You’ll then be presented with a list and you can check the electric shaver reviews.

Some shavers comes with a cleaning, charging, lubricating, and drying station. These can cost considerably more, and add to the cost of your shaver kit. They may be worth it for busy business professionals who don’t have time to dig out the minute hairs and stubble from the shaver, or give it a good rinsing to remove shaving gels, lotions, soaps, etc.

Once you’ve decided if you want a separate station, or not, you should continue on to read about the quality of the shaver’s head. Whether it’s rotary or foil, there can be different types of quality that you may nor may not appreciate.

Some shavers are made with metal containing nickel. If you suffer allergies, instead look for a shaver that contains stainless steel in order to reduce irritation and redness.

You’ll also want to know how many rows of cutting elements there are in the shaver. Usually there are two or three in rotary heads, and three in foils. Some foil shavers have five rows. Extra rows may provide a closer shave, but if they considerably increase the size of the shaver then they may be too big for your face.

Next, take a look at the power ON/OFF button and other functions. Is there the ability to control the power of the shaver? Is there a travel lock button to lock it in place during travelling? Some shavers have LED or LCD panels on the front, or on the base, that tell you how much power is left in the shaver, and when it needs to be charged and serviced.

Some shavers come with a variety of accessories, including end cap, cord, USB plug, case, brush, and machine oil.

Once you narrow down your best electric shaver choices you’ll figure out what is desired, and what you can live without. Soon your electric shaver order will be on the way to you, and you’ll be ready to look your best, whatever the time of day.

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