Kindle Oasis is transformational!


I can assure you that I’m not the same person I used to be after I got my hands on the Kindle Oasis last week. I have experienced an amazing level of gratitude and wonderment (almost similar but better than how it was in childhood) for every innovative thing that exists in the universe and for every creative genius who birthed those amazing technologies by daring to dream. If you’re wondering how buying the oasis can possibly inspire such profound gratitude in me. Read on!

The Kindle Oasis is not just another electronic gadget. It is a luxurious, high-end and intelligent e-reader aesthetically designed to inspire you to live a better life. It is extremely light weight and thin for a device of its size and has a flawless display, gorgeous look, very long lasting battery and comes with an elegant genuine leather case. But these aren’t the only reason why the kindle oasis has proven to be transformational for me. Holding an oasis in your hand is very convenient as it has an in-built grip that almost makes it feel like you’re holding a traditional book. The kindle oasis comes in three colours– walnut brown, black and merlot (red). I chose the merlot color and the lovely suede feel has kept me hooked. I have read more than 4 interesting books in the past one week and they have helped me put things in perspective. I have noticed an increase in my confidence a great deal and I feel in love with my life.